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Tips for selling

  • Decorating and paint can make a huge difference with low cost and quickly. Many neutral color choices work, keep to the lightest colors! Beige and yellow are good, and yellow sells best.
    Look around and hit the places that are noticed first when people enter. Use caulk first for cracks and then paint over.
  • Keep wall art and family photos to a minimum. If you want people not to notice the room, put up a more vibrant picture.
  • Clean, clean, clean. Keep the place immaculate and remove any furniture that is not critical. Make the home look spacious inside and help people see how good it can look.
  • Good smells sell. Mulled cider, candles and other "gentle" fragrances like chicken soup with rosemary and sage or especially baked bread and chocolate chip cookies are great.
  • Flooring should be clean and in good condition. Home improvement centers offer many inexpensive flooring choices. Neutral colors!
  • Slipcovers can brighten and freshen the look of your sofa and chairs. Fabric stores often carry them or you can have them made for your specific pieces. Be sophisticated but gentle in color and patterns.
  • Might be a good time to get that new dining or living room set. You can take it with you to your new place. Again, go for soft beige, oyster or gentle colors with a bright sash, mats or pillows.
  • A new, reasonably priced "Welcome" mat outside will both look nice and may keep the inside floors cleaner.
  • Ornaments can help, but just a few. A large star on the side of the house makes it look like a top scorer. Fresh flowers inside and out can really impress - people will associate living there with getting flowers.
  • Turn on all the lights that make it look brighter and better inside.
  • Play some classical or gentle music in the background.
  • Minimize any negative odors. You may need to rip up soiled carpeting, but it is important. Carpets are much less costly to clean than the moeny lost on not selling.
  • With all the above, if you can possibly get second and third opinions it helps. Few people are amazing in everything from decorating, choosing colors, smelling... get friends and family who are good at each area to help, or hire a pro. Call us at 603-389-9212 to find someone in your area who can really make a difference for you and get more from your home sale!

Appraisal - Big Benefits

This could mean saving thousands of dollars and is an important step.

You want to set the best realistic price on your house. Setting a good comparable price draws people who will buy. Too low loses you money and too high leads to very few buyers.

The two effective methods for arriving at the right price are:

  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Appraisal

Find Comparable properties and locations with our online search for your own market analysis.
Call or email us at 603-389-9212 to find a good appraser in your area.
See Zillow for online appraisal data in some areas.

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