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Fraction Bars

Fraction Bars
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Fun education! Addresses the Common Core Standards Learning that draws people into the excitement. Games and visual models that make mental math marvelously fast and easy. Find energy that increases both learning speed and retention so easily! While using Fraction Bars, social interaction skills will also be developed. By the Mathematician, professor and author Dr. Albert B. Bennett, Jr. The original, creative and fun manipulative for teaching fractions! Fraction Bars(R) have long set the standard for the manipulative approach to teaching fractions. Fraction Bars are the only manipulative that can be used to compare parts and show the relationship of differences. Package of 49 durable plastic Bars. Represents halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, tenths and twelfths. Can be used with up to four children. Grades 2-8.

Sheet of games and activities included!

Kids enjoy learning when it is Play too!

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